Didier Deschamps

Didier Deschamps was born in Bayonne, France on Oct. 15, 1968. As a defensive midfielder and coach of French national football team, the most distinguished competitive advantages of Deschamps are attacking movements and dynamic energy. For outstanding performances on football fields, he was sought after among many world-class football clubs, including Marseille, Juventus, Chelsea, Valencia, Nantes and Bordeaux.

For great achievements, he was chosen as member of France to participate at numerous major competitions. He accomplished his first appearance at international competition in 1984. After transferred to Juventus, Didier Deschamps subjugated all teams of England. He was widely regarded as fortune of every football team. After took off France football shirt, he was appointed as the coach of Monaco in France’s Ligue 1, starting managerial career of football. On the basis of numerous achievements on football fields, he won respects of many people from all over the world. There is also a bright future for him in the near future.

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